A Case Study for

Lyssy & Eckel Feeds

Bringing in a younger audience and engaging the bovine and equine industries

L&E Feeds is an animal nutrition company that develops, produces, and markets their own feeds. They are a family-run and have over 70 years in the business. L&E reached out to Ranch House when they needed help establishing an effective marketing plan to expand their reach in the cattle and equine markets.

What We Did:

  • Updated their logo and branding to maintain their history but also appeal to younger audiences
  • Developed a full array of compelling sales collateral pieces including packaging, postcards, stickers, print ads, banners, billboards, business cards and more.
  • Expanded their reach on social media including Facebook and Instagram
  • Delivered a 26 page mobile responsive informational website with a dealer portal and educational resources

How We Did It:

  • Conducted a full brand review which included surveys of proposed target markets
  • Developed an annual marketing plan for print advertising, digital advertising, social media, and event marketing
  • Prepared and reviewed monthly social media reports to analyze what was working and made adjustments as needed to continue to grow the audien
  • Utilized the power of Wordpress and great design to deliver a beautiful mobile responsive website that fit their branding goals.

The Challenge

“L&E Feeds isn’t a feed store. We need people to know that we are an animal nutrition company that develops, produces, and markets their own feeds.”

Lyssy & Eckel has great products, but wasn’t sure how to effectively communicate this to their target audience. They also struggled with where to best invest their advertising dollars for the most effect marketing mix.

The Solution

“We put our money IN the bag, not on the bag.”

With Ranch House’s in-depth knowledge of the livestock industry, we were able to evaluate what was and wasn’t working for their brand. We launched a branding campaign in effort to shift consumer perception for Lyssy & Eckel from that of a feed store to a nutrition company. Our primary goal was to generate awareness for L&E as an animal nutrition developer while equating simplicity with trustworthiness, transparency, and quality. Our secondary was to drive B2C sales of L&E Feeds and B2B sales by securing retail outlet dealers in Texas. Our strategy included digital advertising, social media, billboards, print ads, direct mail, and promotional events.