Graphic Design / Social Media Assistant – Ranch House Designs – Position is Closed

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College Station, Texas

Ranch House is seeking a part-time professional to work in our newly-formed College Station office! The position is set to begin approximately January 15, 2019. Hours will include approximately 20 hours per week.

This is an opportunity to be part of a very energetic and fast paced team that assists top agri-businesses and livestock producers with their marketing. This position is ideal for someone not fully able to take on a full time job, but looking for part time agency work in the areas of marketing, writing, and social media.

To Apply:
Email and include a resume + a letter stating why you would be a great fit! Please include any relevant samples of your design experience, social media experience. Please also cc and in your email.


  • Applicants should have an agriculture related major field of study, a degree in agricultural or communications, or have first-hand experience in agriculture. Undergrad or grad students in ag communications or related field are also welcome to apply.
  • Experience in social media, graphic design required.
  • Video editing skills would be a huge plus.
  • WordPress experience a huge plus.
  • The applicant should be able to work on multiple projects, be deadline and detail oriented, friendly, and a self starter who can take general direction from fellow staff members then develop and implement plans at a high level of excellence.
  • Able to take direction and project critiques from account managers and clients and hold themselves accountable for delivering first-class projects for clients.

Details: Graphic Design Projects

  • The applicant will be responsible for assisting with basic graphic design projects including business cards, re-sizing ads, making edits to brochures and catalogs, and more.
  • Qualified applicants may assist with larger projects like logo design or ad design.
  • Be a primary designer for the Ranch House Journal magazine, a quarterly publication. Responsible for editorial layouts.
  • Applicant should have experience in using Photoshop and InDesign, including publication design experience or multi-page layout experience. Completion of a magazine production class is ideal.
  • This intern should have general knowledge of typography, colors, basic design principles, resolution, and design elements.
  • Experience in WordPress, specifically how to write and post a blog, is preferred.
  • Experience in Photoshop of understanding resolution and resizing images is preferred.
  • Experience in video editing is a huge plus!

Details: Social Media Projects

  • The position will be responsible for assisting our social media director with all aspects of social media including strategy, coming up with content, scheduling posts, implementing give-a-ways, and always thinking of new ideas that can help grow our clients Facebook pages.
  • The majority of the will be in Facebook, second to Instagram and third Pinterest.
  • Help write and schedule blogs on the Ranch House website.

The salary offered is $12 per hour less all appropriate payroll taxes. Additional consideration will be given for applicants who are college graduates or those who’s portfolio showcases a high level of experience in graphic design.

Company Culture:
We are a very high expectations company that believes in doing whatever it takes to best serve our clients. Our team is a team of over-achievers, analytical geeks, and people who might wake up at 2 a.m. and think – “Wow, I just had this great idea for Client X.” This also includes replying to emails promptly even if it means sometimes it’s after hours, and being willing to work in a team atmosphere when needed to work together to meet deadlines. When a client books with us, every member of the team is expected to be 100% all in dedicated to that client and their goals, and to be equally as passionate about RHD in general as a company.

Who is a good fit:

  • Someone who loves agriculture, ranching and wildlife.
  • Someone who has possibly seen RHD’s work and thought “It would be cool to work there!”
  • A hard worker who is detail oriented who likes collaborating with others.
  • Someone who understands basic office professionalism and courtesy.
  • Someone who has good computer skills
  • Someone who is always a lifelong learner, who enjoys going to workshops or conferences and is always reading or asking questions to improve their skill sets.
  • Someone who can follow the mantra, “I have no problems. I make no problems. I help solve problems.”
  • Someone who can look at our clients businesses or RHD’s processes and think: Hey, I have a great idea that might help us improve, and I want to share it with someone and make a plan to implement it.

Who is not a good fit:

  • Someone who just wants to do the bare minimum and clock out at 4:58 p.m. every day.
  • Someone who wants to sit around and wait for someone else to tell them an idea to do instead of coming up with new ideas on their own.
  • Someone who likes drama or thinks posting their troubles on Facebook is a good way to get attention.