Livestock Style Guide from RHD

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It often seems like the livestock industry has a language of its own. From words like brockle-face to cold pedigree, it can be confusing to know the proper use and format for these words. There isn’t a dictionary for livestock producers and marketers for website writing or print projects. ┬áThat is why our CEO, Rachel Cutrer, developed the Livestock Style Guide to use in the RHD office. You can get a copy of the Livestock Style Guide on our website today! In this 20 page educational pamphlet, Rachel outlines RHD’s style guide for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency in livestock advertising and writing. This includes a list of the most commonly used terms and phrases, major shows, breeds, and consistency for ad captions.

This guide is a commonly used tool in our office, and we hope it can help you too!


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