Lynn Hough

Vice President, Operations

Lynn Hough is the powerhouse behind Ranch House Designs, expertly managing a wide array of responsibilities that keep our operations running like a well-oiled machine. As the Vice President of Operations, she wears many hats, excelling in everything from office management to customer relations, and most notably, financial oversight and human resources.

ServiceEducation and Expertise:
Lynn's pursuit of excellence led her to study Business Administration and Management at the University of Houston - Victoria, where she received her Bachelor's degree. This strong foundation has been invaluable in shaping her role as a vital pillar of RHD's operations. She then spent 12 years working for the Agri-Life Extension service as a program coordinator, fostering youth development. Lynn joined the team at Ranch House Designs in 2013 and has been the heartbeat of our office ever since. Lynn's meticulous attention to detail extends to the day-to-day office operations, where she skillfully orchestrates a seamless workflow. Her organizational prowess ensures that every project is executed with utmost precision and dedication.

A Champion of Agriculture, A Life of Adventure
Lynn's upbringing surrounded by horses, cattle, and rice fields instilled a profound love for agriculture. Her experiences as a farm family member have given her a unique perspective, further enriching her contributions to the rural community. In her free time, she enjoys horsemanship and barrel racing. Beyond her exceptional work at RHD, Lynn embraces the thrill of adventure in her spare time. Whether it's participating in rodeo events, hunting, or fishing, she shares these exciting pursuits with her two sons, creating cherished memories that further fuel her passion for life.

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