4 Books for Ag Kids to Read: September

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Every night is story time in our house, and while we love the classics like Green Eggs and Ham, we also love a story with a western twist. Every trip we take usually involves seeking out a local bookstore to choose a few new books. This month, my daughter Mollie shares four of her favorites. I asked her why she likes these, and she replied, “Because they’re funny!”

1. Ponyella

Purchased for only a few dollars at our Scholastic book fair, Ponyella is a cowgirl twist on the classic Cinderella. Ponyella gets sold to a mean owner, but Princess Penelope finds her at the horse show and they live happily ever after.

2. Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg

Cowpoke Clyde gets into all kinds of trouble trying to give his dog a bath. They run into chickens, fleas, hogs, cats, and a mule before finally getting Dirty Dawg in the tub!

3. There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea

This crazy coyote swallows crazy things in the desert, from lizards to snakes to even a cactus! Great illustrations in vibrant colors with lots of fun animals.

4. The Three Little Javelinas (Reading Rainbow Book)

Three little pigs meets every south Texas’ favorite varmit. Very detailed illustrations in a great story, including sister being the wisest pig.

We hope you enjoyed these four of our favorites from the Cutrer girls book collection. In each issue of the Ranch House Journal, we feature a column on great kids books with a farm and ranch twist. We also search for unique books for ag kids that are one of a kind. If you enjoyed this article, you would enjoy a subscription to the Ranch House Journal. Your children may also enjoy a membership in Ag Kids Club.

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