Sarah Simpson

Senior Graphic Designer

Meet Sarah Simpson: Senior Graphic Designer and Strategic Visionary

Prepare to be inspired by Sarah Simpson, a visionary graphic designer who elevates design to a whole new level of excellence. Far from a mere "design gopher," Sarah is a valued design strategist, infusing every project with her expertise and creative brilliance.

Award-Winning Creativity:
Sarah's graphic design prowess has earned her well-deserved recognition as an award-winning designer. Her exceptional skills in branding and web design have garnered three prestigious LPC awards, solidifying her position as a true industry leader.

A Portfolio of Excellence:
Sarah's dedication to her craft has seen her work featured in the illustrious pages of Photoshop User magazine, a testament to her ability to captivate and inspire through her designs. After studying Graphic Design at the esteemed Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Sarah's love for learning continues to drive her professional growth. She constantly seeks new opportunities to expand her knowledge, including delving into coding languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Embracing Midwestern Heritage:
Having grown up surrounded by corn and soybean farmers, hog breeders, and cattle breeders in central IL, Sarah holds a profound connection to her Midwestern roots. Her passion lies in promoting the humble and dedicated individuals who contribute to the agricultural heart of the nation. Fond memories of summers spent on her grandparents' alfalfa farm in Eastern Washington left an indelible mark, igniting her appreciation for the hardworking farmers and ranchers who feed America.

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