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Social media is all about relationships – and aren’t all great businesses built on strong relationships? Creating a presence for your business on social media networks is a great way to interact with your customers, and make them feel welcomed, connected and valued. Partner with us for your social media marketing, and we’ll create engaging content, targeted ad campaigns, and build a solid audience of followers who are truly invested in your business.

Is Social Media Worth It? We Think So!

Check out the case studies below to see how our customers have achieved success in social media marketing.

Your Social Media Strategy

  • We Develop Your Social Media Strategy!

    The best social networks are built on great audiences. Every industry is different, so we will start with an audience analysis to begin your social media campaign. Who is your target audience? What time of day, and how frequently do they check social media accounts? What kind of content do they like to see? All these factors will help us develop a strong social media strategy to reach the best possible audience, full of people genuinely interested in your business.

  • We Create Your Content and Messaging!

    Social media is a fun and casual marketing platform, so we want to make sure the messaging of your posts is engaging, but still professional. We will also conduct a 1 hour consultation each month to help you identify social media marketing goals, and map out the best blend of content (images, videos, infographics, etc.)

  • We Post Your Posts!

    Too busy to remember to post a picture at a certain time? No problem. We’ve got it handled. Each month we will create a full content calendar, which outlines when and what will be posted throughout the month. We will also plan out specific times to post, in order to best reach your audience.

  • We Manage Your Ads!

    Let us pinpoint your precise target audience demographics and market direct to them on Facebook and Instagram. Incorporating paid advertising is great if you are just starting out and trying to grow your following, or if you have a sale or new product you are trying to promote to a larger audience! Facebook and Instagram ads also come with full analytics, so you can track the ROI and effectiveness of each campaign.


From 0 to 5000!

“When it comes to Social Media and website hosting there are loads of companies that talk a good game, but the team at Ranch House Designs help you make it happen. I can’t say enough about the excellent work that the Ranch House team has done on our Six Mile Creek Social Facebook page. They took a new Registered Hereford Breeder and transformed it into an eye-appealing and informative Facebook page. We went from 0 likes to over 5000 in a very short period of time. They listen to my thoughts and suggestions and have far surpassed my expectations. They are also great about giving me suggestions and ideas to gather to keep the audience riveted!”

Connect In The

Social Sphere

Whether you are looking for a full social media campaign, or just need some custom graphics for your Facebook page - we are here to help! Our social media team has the hands-on experience you need to take your social media marketing to the next level.

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