Steven Kahla

Chief Marketing Officer

Steven Kahla, with his deep roots in East Texas behind the Pine Curtain, brings a lifetime of experience in the marketing industry to our team at Ranch House Designs. As our chief marketing officer, Steven's rich background and extensive marketing acumen are instrumental in crafting strategies that resonate deeply with our core audiences.

Deeply Rooted in Agribusiness:
Steven’s journey in the agricultural world began in the fields and farms of East Texas, where he grew up immersed in the realities of rural life. His academic pursuits at Texas A&M University, complemented by his involvement in the Texas Agricultural Lifetime Leadership Program, equipped him with a profound understanding of agricultural issues and leadership. Steven’s early career saw him excel in political campaign management, where he honed his skills in finance and field operations, setting the stage for his later achievements in agribusiness marketing.

A Career Defined by Excellence and Innovation:
Steven’s professional path in marketing began at Caballo Rojo Publishing, where he contributed to the Brahman Journal and Santa Gertrudis USA magazines, moving on to lead marketing initiatives at Anderson Bean, Rios of Mercedes, and Olathe Boot Companies. His innovative strategies at these companies have earned multiple accolades from the American Advertising Federation and the American Marketing Association. Most recently, Steven pioneered market development for the Fenoglio Boot Company in Texas, showcasing his ability to drive brand growth and visibility.

Committed to Community and Service:
Steven’s dedication to the community is evident through his active involvement in several boards and committees, including the American Cutting Horse Association, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo committees, and the Danny Dietz Memorial Team Roping. His commitment extends beyond professional circles as he serves in the Texas State Guard, where he is a Certified Coxswain and Instructor for the Search & Rescue Boats Program, emphasizing his passion for service and community aid.

Family and Values:
Family is central to Steven's life. Married to Erica for 20 years, they are proud parents of Sidney, a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy. Their family embodies the spirit of dedication and service, with a playful rivalry cheer of “Go Navy! Beat Army!” echoing at their gatherings.

Steven Kahla is not just marketing expert, he is a visionary whose life’s work enhances the agricultural and western lifestyle industries. His leadership at Ranch House Designs not only drives our success but also strengthens the bonds within the communities we serve.

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