10 Lies Stock Show People Tell Themselves

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10 LiesHave you ever told a little white lie about showing?  Or, heard that nagging little voice in your head with a token statement you’ve heard time and time again…but you know deep down isn’t quite true?  Here are 10 lies livestock show people tell themselves and 1 truth.

1. We’re going to make a lot of money in the show cattle business.

No, probably not. Especially if you’re focusing strictly on show cattle.  It takes a lot to buy cattle, properly care for them, travel to the shows and compete. There are many cattle businesses who do operate in the business mentality to make money and that should be your goal, but also realize that while you may not be making millions with your show livestock enterprise you are making memories and that’s worth quite a lot.

2. Even though these jeans are hard to get zipped, they really aren’t as tight as I think they are.

False. If your jeans are tight and you’re having trouble getting them zipped up in the bathroom at the show, you might need to move up another size. Just because you can get them on does not mean they properly fit. I say this with all due respect because it is a struggle I face at every show. I never wear western jeans at home, so I only use them 2 or 3 times a year and they NEVER fit! I constantly battle the muffin top.

3. If I sit here long enough and ignore that pile of manure in the stalls my little sister will eventually pick it up.

No she’s not. I can speak from experience and showing with my little sister for eight wonderful years. She is not going to get up and pick up the poop. You should just get it yourself.

4. I’ll have no problem quitting  showing when I graduate.

You might. Ideally, if you’re lucky like me, when you graduate you’ll have younger siblings who show so you still get to attend all the shows and have fun. But the truth is, you will miss it when you’re done.

5. I know everything there is to know about showing cattle.

Nobody knows everything. You can always learn something from someone.  If you have a question…ask. There’s no question that is too dumb.  Even if you are 65 years old, sit in on a Stock Show U camp. You might learn something after all. 

6. I’m only going to bid on this heifer one more time. And then I’m done.

Yeah right. You’re going to bid on that heifer 18 more times between now and when the auction closes.

7. Even though we’re showing, we’re still going to take family vacations to Disneyland and places like that.

From here on out, all of your summer vacations will revolve around nationals. Just accept it.

8. I never get nervous when I show.

Oh my gosh this is totally a lie. No matter how many times you have shown, or how old you are, when you’ve got that great one and you lead it in the ring in the champion drive, you’re going to get a little nervous. Or maybe just a little excited.  If you didn’t get nervous, it would probably be an indicator that you really don’t care. Chad Wilson, in all his glory, probably still gets a little nervous when he shows. Because you can’t help it if you love it! 

9. I just can’t win because of politics.

Terrible excuse. If you think the top level judges are sitting on the phone a week before the show planning and scheming who they’re going to use to win before the show even happens, you’re downright crazy. That just doesn’t happen.

10. All the winners are cheating.

No they aren’t. All the winners are working their butts off. They’re in the barn when others are laying in bed. They’re going one step further when others have already quit.  They are focusing on what they’re going to be breeding / showing / raising 5 years from now while others stuck in the past complaining about last year’s show. Think positive. Work hard. That’s how you get to the winner circle. 

And one truth:  

Despite the lies we may hear, or even tell ourselves sometimes, it’s awesome. That’s the simple truth. Showing livestock is awesome.

Editor’s Note: This post was written by Ranch House Designs CEO, Rachel Cutrer. 


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