10 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Facebook

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Facebook has transformed from the original social media platform to a place where even Grandma can stay-up-to date with what’s going on in your life. It’s also become a necessity for businesses, no matter what industry you’re in. Is your business doomed to fail if you don’t have a Facebook page? No. However, a social media presence is more than an excellent marketing tool. It’s a place where your customers regularly hang out, making it an easy platform to connect with both old and new clients.

Still on the fence? Here’s ten reasons you should consider using Facebook for your business.

It Casts a Wide Net

One in seven people on planet earth are on Facebook. This allows you to reach a much bigger audience than you would through traditional word of mouth marketing.

Targeted Advertising

Facebook ads are CHEAP. Honestly, they are one of the most underpriced marketing tools available. You can spend $5 and still reach a significant number of highly targeted potential customers. Digital ads won’t always be so inexpensive. Facebook ads also allow you to target people who you know will already be interested in your product. Selling Angus Bulls? Did you know you can create a Facebook ad that gets delivered to people who like the American Angus Association, have an interest in Angus cattle, or follow NCBA’s Cattlemen to Cattlemen show? It’s simple to find interest areas that are specific to your potential customers.

It helps with SEO

Want to show up on the first page of a Google search? A good Facebook page can help with that! Not only will your Facebook page be an option as a result in a Google search, but if your Facebook page is regularly driving traffic to your website, it tells Google that people like to visit that site and to rank it higher in a search.

It Proves You Exist

If you don’t have a Facebook Page and/or website, in a lot of potential customer’s minds you simply don’t exist. If we can’t find you with a quick Google search or online probe, then we definitely aren’t buying from you or people may think you have gone out of business.

If you don’t have one, your customers will make it for you

I work with clients all the time who start a Facebook page, but somewhere out in cyberspace at least one copy of them exists. Social media is a part of our culture and people will post about their experiences with you. If enough people check in at your business, say they work for you in their profile or post about you then Facebook will automatically curate all those posts into a page for your business. Then all your search engine traffic goes to a page you don’t have any control over.

Facebook is a Customer Gold Mine

People you’ve never met and customers you didn’t know existed will find you and buy from you. I know that sounds too good to be true, but Facebook helps you connect with people who are interested in your livestock or products. Don’t believe me? Just last week my family show pig business got an inquiry to purchase a baby pig from a complete stranger who just saw our pigs online. It takes work, but it does happen!

It’s Easy to Share

Anything you post on Facebook can be shared simply and for free! If your followers like what you post, they are likely to share it with their friends, helping you continue to widen your net of potential customers

It’s an Opportunity to Show Your Personality

There’s a reason connections on Facebook are called friends. This is a social platform. I know that may seem like it goes without saying, but Facebook isn’t your personal billboard. It’s an opportunity to build relationships with customers and potential customers. It’s a space to have a little fun, share things that they value and create the connection that eventually may lead to a sale.

It’s FREE (or very inexpensive comparatively)

A website design and hosting has an initial cost, so does print advertising or any other type of advertising. On Facebook you can start your business page for free. It doesn’t cost you a dime. The platform itself is free and the ads are fairly inexpensive. However, investing in help or Facebook graphics are another way to boost your presence with minimal expenses

Gain Valuable Customer Insights

Facebook has a powerful insights dashboard for Facebook business pages allowing you to learn a LOT about your audience, their preferences, what time they are online and more! You can use this data to better reach your customers and learn more about them.

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Need help getting started on Facebook?

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