10 Things to Love About Cattlemen

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It’s Valentine’s Day season and love is in the air at our ranch home! This week, I share some of my favorite reasons why many ladies like me love cattlemen and cowboys…

1. They let you get the gates for them.

Just this Saturday, my loving husband invited me and the girls to go along with him to check calves. He said it would be a fun family morning. I was able to open 14 gates for him along the way.

2. They shuck their muddy jeans at the door.

What ranch wife doesn’t love seeing their handsome cowboy come through the back door in tighty whities in order to avoid getting mud on the floor. Hello honey!

3. They record all your favorite shows on DVR.

After the kids are in bed, I love to curl up with a blanket and watch TV. My husband has clearly thought of my tv viewing interests by recording 241 episodes of American Rancher, Pop Goes the Country, Superior’s latest cattle sale, and FarmWeek. So much for Fixer Upper.

4. They keep the fridge stocked……with medicine.

Our breed association just started requiring DNA verification for every animal registered. I now have a hair sample of all 400 head in our herd in my freezer ready just in case I need it. My 5-year-old daughter also just proudly showed me her collection of old needles she has been secretly collecting from the pens. No big deal. (Insert mom freak out moment!)

5. They encourage your passion for fitness.

“Will you run back over to the house and get a Z tagger gun for me while I wait here at the pens?” Sure honey, thank you for giving me an opportunity to burn some calories.

6. They don’t mind your obsession with western wear.

Last week a new pair of Tecovas showed up at our house. My sweet cowboy just smiled and said they looked great. Didn’t even mind when I took 6 more inches of his closet space. When I asked if I could go to the Old Gringo trunk show at South Texas Tack, he didn’t complain. Plus, with as many cowboy hats as my husband has…surely he won’t mind if I get a Charlie 1 Horse for myself?

7. They cook beef!

Seriously ladies, can it get any better than a HeartBrand Akaushi steak dinner for Valentine’s Day? No, it can’t! My fine cattleman can grill a good steak and he also understands what genetics and management practices go into our creating our dinner.

8. They know good music.

My husband was so excited to see Luke Bryan in those skinny jeans at the Super Bowl. Um…NOT!! Ladies, let’s admit it, Brad Paisley was right when he said there’s nothing like some old Alabama to get to a woman’s heart. I love how cattlemen know and appreciate finer old country.

9. The cattleman “look!”

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. That certain cowboy look. If you’re from the gulf coast, that cowboy look might be a fishing shirt and Costas. Or, maybe it’s 5 pocket wranglers and a cinch button up work shirt. Or, how about a Filson vest and a wild rag? No matter their wearing, it’s paired with boots. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, cowboys have a certain look and ladies love it.

10. They Keep Chivalry Alive

From the yes ma’ams to holding doors and the hat tips when they say hello (be still my heart!). Cowboys are gentlemen and ladies love it.

We all have things we love about our cowboys and cattlemen. What are some of your favorites?


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