19 Customers Who’ve Been With RHD 20+ Years

Rachel CutrerRHD Blog

As I look back on the last 21 years, Ranch House has grown to really something I never imagined it would. I like to reflect on so many of the great times we’ve had in the last two decades and as we look forward to the next.

Here are a few of my favorite personal highlights of owning and operating Ranch House:

Did you know we have 19 customers who have been with Ranch House since the beginning? I always love to look through this list, and think of how grateful and thankful we are to these customers who believed in me and my aspiring business back when I was just a college girl doing websites, and are still customers today:

  1. Aegerter Marketing Service
  2. Bar A Cattle
  3. Beef Improvement Federation
  4. Bonham Show Cattle
  5. Cagwin Farm
  6. Cates Farm
  7. Classic Leather Designs
  8. Double A Ranch Brahmans
  9. Duis Farms
  10. Filegonia Cattle
  11. Heritage Cattle
  12. Jordan Cattle Auction
  13. Lehman Charolais
  14. Pearsall Livestock Auction
  15. RL Cattle Company
  16. Texas Angus Assn.
  17. Texas Simmental Simbrah Assn.
  18. Tusa Cattle
  19. WHR Shorthorns

If you look through that list, some common themes are Shorthorns, Brahmans, Texas, or Club Calves. So many of these I can remember the exact moment these clients booked their website with us – it was usually standing in the makeup ring at some livestock show like Louisville or Denver, and them saying “Hey, tell me about this new website thing you are doing…”

And, little by little, this “little website thing” turned into a global marketing agency that this year served over 1000 customers worldwide.

To me, it’s funny the key things I remember over the last 21 years.

  • Getting a laser printer for our office and thinking we had really made it.
  • A guy from my hometown who told me back in 1999 that I should go to work for him, because “You’ll never make it doing your little websites….”
  • Visiting Joe Sullivan’s farm to look at his club calves and him saying “Oh, you’re the girl that owns Out House Designs…” Ha. Well, not necessarily the outhouse but, yes sir, that’s me.
  • Someone starting a rumor that Ranch House only does updates on the weekends. That one particularly fueled me to start tracking update turnaround time so we could prove that person wrong with actual data lol. That was 10 years ago and I’m proud to report that in 2019, we did 9,196 client updates with an average turnaround time of 15 minutes, and 94 percent of all the updates were completed on a zero-day turnaround. Take that “they only do updates on Sundays…” person ha ha


As we enter 2020, we would love the opportunity to serve you, if possible. If we can assist you with anything for your business, request a free quote.