5 Facebook Hacks to Make Your Facebook Page Stand Out

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Your Facebook profile picture and cover photo are the digital storefront of your business. It can be the first impression a potential customer has of your brand and your livestock. Make sure this part of your page is clean, well branded and either tells a story or shares the message of your business. Before a big event or sale, make sure to change your cover photo to display information about the event. It’s like a free digital billboard! Use it to your advantage!


Make your content entertaining and relevant. A great example of this is the Peterson Farm Brothers. We all definitely don’t have time to make videos like they do, but share great content like the meme above or make your own out of a photo taken on your ranch or in your business!


Video is the KING of Facebook content. Post a video of what is going on in your business, feature an animal that is for sale either private treaty or in an upcoming sale, show yourself and team working together. This will be especially fruitful if you do a live video as live video gets better placement in the Newsfeed meaning you are more likely to reach more people.

OPTIMIZE YOUR “ABOUT ME” FOR SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Have you “Googled” your business name? If so, I’d bet $5 right now that your Facebook business page shows up on the first page of results if it’s not the top result. This means that it’s very important to have your Facebook page optimized for search engines because someone might be more likely to find you on Facebook first and then travel to your website. First, make sure your page info has as much as you can possibly fit into it. Then, you can optimize this text for keywords you’d like to show up for in a google search.


If you aren’t already scheduling your posts on Facebook, start now! No farmer, rancher or business owner I know has all the time in the world to devote to social media. That’s why Facebook invented the scheduling tool. Schedule a post for when it is most likely to be seen by your ideal audience. Schedule your content out as far in advance as you like, you could even have your posts done an entire month at a time!
PRO TIP: We’ve found that when trying to reach an agriculture audience posts that are shared early morning or evening tend to have the best response.


Did you know you can create an ideal audience for your page? This helps Facebook know which users might like what you are sharing on your page. For example, if you are an Angus producer you can set your page audience to be people interested in Angus, people who like the American Angus Association and live in your area!

Need more Facebook Help?

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