5 Marketing Tips to Do in January 2023

rhdRHD Blog

Can you believe it’s now time to start trying to remember to write 2023 on everything? The new year is a great time to do a spot check on your marketing, and here are 5 tips we suggest carving out time for in January 2023 to keep your business at the top of the marketing game.

1. Check your own website.

This is so embarrassing to say but I recently discovered that the “book a ranch visit” link on my website went to an old calendar system of ours that hasn’t worked in 3 months. No wonder people weren’t using it and were texting me!

Take time to visit every page on your own website and read all your content. Check all the emails, phone numbers, captions, staff members, links to make sure it’s all correct. Depending on the size of your website, this could take an hour, but it’s worth it. Your website has got to be 100% accurate and updated.

2. Re-think your social media.

Your social media strategy from 2022 isn’t going to cut it in 2023. It’s always changing. I have definitely been aware of social media changes and have started adjusting our plan.

Are you getting stale in your content? Is it time to add a new channel like TikTok? Maybe go back to using Twitter now that it’s under new ownership? How often are you posting? Sometimes less is more. Don’t get into the rut of just trying to post something every day so you can just check off that “box” in your marketing plan. Quality content is better than quantity. You may see better results if you post 3x a week rather than 7x a week and use tools like stories and reels.

3. Refresh your design style.

Consistency is great, but how long have you been going with your current “look?” Could it use a refresh? A slight update? How long have you had that same photo on your website home page? Even minor design tweaks can make a big impact. Our designers would love to help you with this

4. Remember your WHY.

Think about your purpose and what’s driving you to be in the business you are. Is that message clearly conveyed on your website? Through your social media content? Your customers only know what you tell them. Make sure your message is clear.

5. Who are your “FIVE”?

You become the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time. Choose them wisely. Next time you get together with people in your “five” ask them what’s the biggest thing they’re going to change in their marketing in 2023? What’s the biggest business lesson they learned in 2022? Iron sharpens iron so share with your close friends so that everyone can benefit and help each other.