5 Reasons Why Every Cattleman Needs a Cattle Dog

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Written by Michaela Mann

A dog is a staple in many households acting as a loyal companion, a playmate and protector. The role of a family dog takes on a whole new meaning when the dog is also a cattle dog. A cattle dog is a valuable asset to many cattle operations. They help ranchers through the daily work of raising cattle, and at the end of the day these dogs come home and serve as man’s best friend.

Here are five virtues every good cattle dog has, and also five great reasons why every cattleman needs a cattle dog at their side!

1. Loyalty – HankThere is not better word to describe a cattle dog. Whether they are working with you through a blizzard or a heat wave, your dog is never leaving your side. They will be the most faithful and dependable animal you will ever have.

2. Hard working – Have you ever had to talk your dog into helping you move cattle? Didn’t think so. The pure enjoyment your dog receives when you call their name to help herd cattle is indescribable.

3. Intelligence – As your dog becomes older, working together becomes 14second nature. The two of you began to work as one, little communication is needed and working together becomes effortless.

4. Forgiveness  No matter what you put your dog through, they will always forgive you. They may be mad at you for a while, but they will always be by your side again.

5. Selfless Friendship – Some of us are lucky enough to not only have found a good cattle dog but also a best friend. The unconditional love and companionship that a person can experience from a cattle dog is irreplaceable. To have a companion that works for you, protects you, and comforts you is something only found in a great cattle dog.

Why do you love your cattle dog? Let us know if the comments section below!


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