7 Reasons Why Livestock Have a Better Life Than You

Rachel CutrerRHD Blog

By: Kellie Gregorich, RHD Social Squad

People always assume that livestock have hard lives. That they live in filthy conditions and are always bearing the harsh weather. This couldn’t be further from the truth! What they don’t know is that our livestock have it better than we do. Seriously.

 Wondering how? Here are just seven of the many reasons!

#1 Better Hair Supplies

They have more expensive and better quality hair products than we do. We spend more on their hair care than we would on our own.

#2 Air Conditioning in the Heat of Summer

Most people don’t realize that some livestock are in coolers during the hot summer months. While we’re outside slaving away in the heat, they’re inside on their soft bed of shavings enjoying cold air.

#3 Served every Meal

There’s no ‘survival of the fittest’ for show stock. They just wait there for us to bring them their food. It’s the right portion sizes and includes all the nutrients their bodies need. Meanwhile, we’re eating a frozen pizza or a quick sandwich.

#4 Quality Haircuts

Not only do they get more haircuts than we do, but they have the highest quality cuts possible. Plus, they have multiple people working on their hair at once! We’re lucky to get our haired brushed most days and they have an ‘up-do’ on a regular occasion!

#5 Never Having to Clean Up

It doesn’t matter if it’s their stall or their hair, they don’t have to take care of it. We fuss over every shaving out of place. We keep every piece of hair in its rightful place. All they have to do is stand up or lay down. We take care of everything else.

#6 Expensive Accessories

In the show stock world the accessories are fantastic. They are comparable to receiving diamonds or a Rolex watch. They aren’t as shiny, but they are just as expensive. We wouldn’t imagine buying ourselves such luxuries, but we buy anything for our animals.

#7  Constant Attention

Our show animals get more attention than new born babies. They are constantly being fussed over and taken care of. Getting their back scratched, their feet shined and cleaned, given the best quality feed, and getting a ‘spa’ day every day.