9 Things Only Angus Breeders Understand

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The business breed is unlike any other breed of cattle. It’s more than the black hide, the widespread recognition and the fact that Angus genetics are in the majority of the cattle in the U.S. cow herd. To the farmers and ranchers who breed Angus, it’s more than a breed or a menu item, it’s a community. Like any other breed, there’s just some things you only understand if you show or breed Angus. 

#1 The Name George Grant


Photo Credit: Legends of Kansas

If you raise Angus, we don’t have to tell you who he is or why Victoria, Kansas is such an important place. The four Angus bulls he imported from Scotland in 1873 made a lasting impression on the beef industry that you and your family reap the benefits of today. 

#2 Random Angus Paraphernalia Around the House


You love Angus and you love to show how much you love Angus. You probably have Angus wine glasses, artwork, an Angus tie, notebooks, blankets, koozies, baby clothes and the list goes on. If you can put an Angus twist on it, you do — because everything is better with an Angus on it. 

#3 Certified Angus Beef


The very first beef brand is one you are proud to see, eat and raise. When you walk into a restaurant that serves Certified Angus Beef, it’s a great feeling knowing that the beef on your plate is going to taste great and really could have come from your own pastures. 

#4 Green Jackets


Photo credit: Angus Media

It’s so much more than a bright green blazer. For more than 36 years, National Junior Angus Association Board Members have molded the green coat into a symbol of leadership for many young agriculturalists. It’s more than a part of a uniform, it’s a feeling — one that is worn by few but has influenced many. 

#5 White Shirts, Black Pants 


The national showmanship contest is a once in a lifetime kind of feeling. National Junior Angus Members only have one opportunity to put on the white shirt and black pants and compete for the title of best Angus showman and you must earn the spot from your state to get to step in that ring. It’s a grueling competition and the tension is unlike anything else. Whether you’ve been one of the few leaning on your show stick in the center of the ring or you’ve watched it from the outside, you know there is nothing else like it. 

#6 The Difficulty of Photographing Black Cattle


Photo credit: Miranda Reiman, Certified Angus Beef

Some people will say this is a myth, but you know it’s true. Capturing shadows that show depth and dimension on a black canvas can be a challenge, but one you are happy to take on (and have most likely mastered).

#7 Frank Murphy Paintings


Source: American Angus Association

Long-time artist for the American Angus Association, Frank Murphy’s paintings depict the Angus breed unlike anything else. Odds are, you have some of his artwork in your home. Whether is a copy of one of his iconic paintings or one of the postage stamps that commemorated the 100th anniversary of Angus in the U.S., you’ve seen and felt his dedication to the breed and most likely have it proudly on display. 

#8 The Angus Journal


Odds are, you have quite an impressive stack of these somewhere in your house and it’s a publication constantly finds a home on the coffee table or on the messy ranch office desk. You look forward to its arrival each month and it’d feel strange if it didn’t show up at your door. You read its stories to learn how to become a better rancher, to get caught up on industry news and see the success of other great breeders. 

#9 The Angus Family


This is truly what makes the Angus breed so special. Angus breeders understand that as much as you love black cattle, you also enjoy the other people in the business breed and will go to incredible lengths to help them out. It might mean signing up to be an organ donor, donating funds to a cause or helping someone you’ve never met, but the Angus family is always there to help. 


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