AeroLEDs – Safety of Flight Design

Kerbe FordWebsite Design Features

Located in Boise, ID, AeroLEDs has introduced revolutionary landing and navigational lighting products that produce far better results than traditional lighting systems. Designed for some of the most extreme operating conditions on the planet, AeroLEDs takes pride in their product! The company introduced the world’s first LED-based Nav/Strobe lighting product, ever! With an array of products on the market, AeroLEDs finds it important to stay ahead of the game with innovative thinking and engineering. Always bettering the products they produce, asking “what’s next”, the company will continue to impress. To learn more about AeroLEDs and the products they offer, please visit:


The AeroLEDs website design features an overall professional look and feel! The darker, more masculine color scheme compliments the yellow-gold accents for a pop of color! Ever wonder if you really even need a header photo? This website is the perfect example as to why you do! The header photos add a perfect touch, showcasing the products in action. A textured background gives way for dimension and call-to-action buttons allow for easy navigation throughout this large site.


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