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Agrigain is an innovative company that provides agricultural soil microbial products to increase yields and reduce chemical inputs. Mike Arnold founded Agrigain after learning about these exciting products at a cattlemen convention. He realized the benefits that a product like this could have on farmers and ranchers everywhere.

Before Agrigain products are applied to any soil, a soil test is conducted to determine what products are beneficial for production goals. SumaGrow® solution is is certified organic and environmentally safe, meaning that it fits into any production system. To learn more about this product, visit their new website.


This website is packed with information about Agrigain and the products they provide. Whether you have questions about SumaGrow®, how the company began or anything in-between, this website is sure to have the answer. An awesome feature on this website is the easy-to-use form to contact Agrigain. This form can be found on the bottom of several pages on the site and allows potential customers to reach out to Agrigain to set up a consultation. This website features colors and images that instantly remind the viewer of life on the farm or ranch!


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