Are You Glad it’s Back to School?

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Wow! Well, this morning I dropped off my daughter for her first day of 3rd Grade, and I have to say, this summer has flown by. And, if I’m being honest with myself, it also means I need to “check back in” to my daily work routine and business life.

You see, when the school bell rang in May for the start of summer, I myself ‘checked out’ of a lot of my normal business routine. I’ll admit, I’m lucky I can do that. But, instead of staying at work late, I took the girls swimming on a lot of nights. I took a week off (two actually) to take Mollie to our State and National Junior Brahman Shows. My summer was filled with dentist appointments, haircuts, kids day camps around town, and more. And, I loved every minute of it.

“Back to school means I need to check back in to my daily business life!”
Mollie Cutrer, age 8

How can you step up your marketing this fall? If you’re like us at our ranch, you probably will have cattle for sale this fall. Here are some quick reminders….

  • Think about the timing of your fall sale and back track to determine when you need to really start promoting the sale. Our latest research says people want to know the date of your sale 2 months out, and want to start getting regular updates about your sale 1 month out.
  • Update or setup a Facebook page, but remember Facebook has really cracked down on livestock sales in the last month. Read this blog for tips.
  • Update your website content. Do you still have last year’s sale date on your sale page? Send us your 2019 date. Heck send us your 2020 date if you have it. Take a few moments to look over the website and send us your updates.
  • Don’t have a website? There’s time to get one up and goingbefore your fall sale most likely if you start now!
  • Want us to handle your sale promotion? Our digital sale promotion package is $1000 and covers everything you need to promote your sale on Facebook and through email marketing, including paid targeted advertising.
  • Started a new business over the summer? Need a logo? Let us do your logo!

Remember, me and my team are here to help and we love any opportunity to serve you. Request a quote from us today – you might be surprised at the packages we have available that can fit any budget needs. We live to serve ranchers and ag-businesses.

Here are some of our recent projects I’d like to share….you can tell it’s fall sale season right?

A very cool print ad we did for Thomas Charolais to advertise their fall sale.
Another cool print ad for Ingram Angus, showcasing their fall sale.

If you have a project in mind that we can help you with, step one is to fill out our Request a Quote page and we will contact you shortly. We would love to work with you!