Bee Educated

Rachel CutrerWebsite Design Features


We are so proud to showcase the new website for Bee Educated, which possibly ranks as one of our favorite designs of 2016! For this project, we were able to work with a great team who are so passionate about community service and education – AND – we had such a cool color scheme and logo to work with. It was fun to design a website that focused on bees – something different than the many cattle websites we design.  Bee Educated is a non-profit organization that helps to educate young Texans about the importance of Bees in the sustainability of the Texas ecosystem. In 2006, honey bee producers started reporting increased winter losses of bee colonies. A variety of issues face both the honey bee and wild bees and colony collapse is the most present danger. While the exact reason for increase colony collapse is still unknown, there are three possible causes that scientists site as potential threats. Honey bees are vulnerable to pests, pathogens, poor nutrition and pesticides.

Focused on the Refugio,Texas and surrounding counties, Bee Educated strives to create a healthier bee population through educational events, resources and providing opportunities for the public to get involved with bee production. By working together to build bee populations and preserve habitat, we can help the current bee population while learning more about the threats that face a species we all depend on.


A great logo! A great color scheme! And a great team! These are all things we could say about working on the Bee Educated website. We love the professional, yet energetic design of this website. The yellow, gold and black elements from the honeybee color pattern matched with the khaki background instantly energizes the viewer and gets them excited about learning more about bees. We love this site!


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