Best Daddy-Daughter Songs For Farm and Ranch Weddings

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Every little girl dreams of the day they get to put on a pretty white dress and marry the man of their dreams. It’s a day that she has been planning since she first watched Cinderella and has become obsessed with her dress details thanks to “Say Yes to the Dress”! To me, my dad is my hero, and I can’t wait until I get to dance with him at my wedding. One of the biggest question every bride-to-be has: “What will my Daddy-Daughter song be?” To help make the decision easier, I have put together some of my favorite songs to make for the perfect rustic country wedding.

I Loved Her First- Heartland

“I prayed that she’d find you someday, but it’s still hard to give her away…” This song is sure to have your daddy in tears. It is the perfect ballad to show the growth of a daughter who has always had her daddy cheering her on.

My Little Girl- Tim McGraw

“When you were in trouble that crooked little smile, could melt my heart of stone…” This is the perfect song for the girl who is the ultimate daddy’s girl. It will definitely add a heartfelt moment to your rustic wedding that you will cherish forever.

Stealing Cinderella- Steven Chuck Wicks

“But to him I’m just some fella, riding in and stealing Cinderella…” Giving his little girl away on her wedding day can be one of the hardest things a father ever has to do. This song gives tribute to the childhood of the bride and shows how she will always be a princess in her Daddy’s eyes.

Butterfly Kisses- Bob Carlisle

“I must have done something right, to deserve her love every morning, and butterfly kisses at night…” There’s something special about a bond between daddys and daughters. From the pony rides to the wedding day, he was the first boy to have your heart and will forever be your hero. Bob Carlisle’s ballad will add the perfect touch to the country wedding of your dreams.

My Wish- Rascal Flatts

“Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small…” The love of a father is one that is second to none and they are always there to push you farther and support you while you chase your dreams. This song is perfect for the outgoing bride who has always had her daddy helping her along the way.

You Look So Good in Love- George Strait

“Oh, how you sparkle and oh, how you shine…” Who doesn’t love a good waltz to one of the best songs by the King of Country Music? This is one way to make your father-daughter dance truly unique. I can guarantee you that your daddy will feel like he is waltzing his little girl around the living room on his toes instead of dancing at your wedding. CUE THE TEARS

Diamonds & Daughters- Aaron Watson

“Diamonds and daughters, precious and few…” This song makes for the perfect daddy-daughter dance for your rustic wedding if you’ve always been daddy’s little girl. It will be a song that you can always listen back on and cherish forever.

I hope this was helpful for all you Brides-to-Be! Make sure to follow our Spotify Playlist and we will add more great tunes as we find them! Have suggestions? Just comment below with the song that you danced with your daddy to at your wedding or one that you absolutely love!