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Best Show Cattle Names

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We asked you, our Ranch House followers, to help us put together a list of the best show cattle names. More often than not, our show calves develop unique personalities. These unique traits are often reflected in the names we select for our four-legged friends. We loved reading through all of the different, unique names.

In all, we had over 300 name submissions on Facebook and over 50 on Instagram.

It was so difficult to narrow the field, but here were some of our favorite responses…

Pearl. One show heifer in a full “string of jewels.” 

Lil Bit. Appropriately named after the fact that she cost her owner a “lil bit of money.”

Harvey. Due to his mannerisms, this Hereford steer was appropriately named after the recent natural disaster.

Trump. Because the yellow locks on the poll of this steer resembled our current president’s hair-do.

Copper. The Hereford heifer named after lyrics to a popular country tune, “one shot, two shot, coppertone red.”

Sweet Caroline. A heifer who enjoys listening to her theme song before every show. Can you guess the song?

Jackie O. The classy, elegant show heifer named after the former First Lady.

Radar. Named for his large ears.

We had several respondents who said they picked themes each year to name their show cattle. Here were some of our favorite themed show string names.

Named after the popular TV series – Walker and Texas Ranger.

After the famous PBR bulls – Bushwacker and Bodacious. 

A string of Red Angus heifers appropriately named – Ruby, Reba, Sangria, Merlot and Scarlet.

The Golden Girls – Blanche, Dorothy and Rose.

Other favorites include…



Dr. Pepper

Dip N’ Dot



Sasha Fierce 

Big Papa Smurf






Cheez It

For the full list of submissions, visit here.

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