Bextra – For Cattlemen, By Cattlemen

Kerbe FordWebsite Design Features

Created by Trevor Lienemann of Lienetic Ranch, the Bextra Bale Feeder main purpose is to significantly reduce hay waste and input cost while increasing mechanical and labor savings. Committed to quality, the Bextra Feeder exceeds all standards for hay feeders on the market today. Bextra is convenient, efficient, and durable to name a few and with a large product selection, Bextra has something for everyone. Check out products, locate dealers, and learn more about the Bextra Bale Feeder, here:


The Bextra Bale Feeder website design features a simple, professional overall look and feel! The black and white color scheme showcases simplicity, packing a powerful punch in red accents! The background photos give the website volume, while giving visitors a sneak peek at Bextra. Call to action buttons on the Home page allow for easy website navigation and overall access to information. You can also access Lientics Ranch website with one simple click!


Research shows that 95% of potential clients will google your product or service before doing business with you. 80% of those potential customers will look elsewhere if you don’t have a website. By having a website to showcase your business or product, you legitimize your company and you position your brand in front of a much wider audience. At Ranch House, we work with clients involved in many different industries. We work with you to develop a web design strategy that fits your unique needs and budget. Want a free website quote? Visit here.