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Blueprint Genetics, LLC

Kerbe FordWebsite Design Features

Blueprint Genetics is located in Janesville, WI and specializes in ET and IVF services. The number one goal at Blueprint Genetics is to help you maximize the genetic potential of your herd. The team takes pride in high quality care and proven results! With top quality donor housing facilities, and recipient programs, Blueprint Genetics is a one stop shop for any of your needs! To learn more, click here:


The Blueprint Genetics website design is simple, professional, and eye-catching. Hints of navy blue compliment an overall greyscale color-scheme. The bright header photo adds the perfect touch, while content photos feature a sneak peek into the operation. This is the perfect example of a smaller, one page website being just as effective as the larger ones, depending on your individual needs. Ranch House also created the new logo for Blueprint Genetics – and I must say, it is one of my favorites!


Ranch House can help! We work with clients in many different industries. Whether you need a large, complex website or you’re needing something much simpler, a Ranch House representative will work to build a website strategy that fits your unique needs and budget. To begin your website journey with RHD, visit our get started page.