Books For Ranch Kids


By Mollie Cutrer

In her regular column, Mollie Cutrer, 7-year-old ranch kid and AR-reading ninja, shares her favorite books to build your little ones love of reading.

The Tortoise and the Jackrabbit

La Torguga y la Libre

By Susan Lowell

A Mexican twist on a great classic by one of my favorite western authors.

Cactus Hotel

by Brenda Guiberson

This story–about a desert, a giant cactus and the animals who live in it–is one that even the youngest reader can enjoy.

I’m Soxy Boxy. I’m a Cow, and I MOOOOO!!!

By Kendall Tipton

Soxy Boxy is a unique cow with a rather “”Boxy”” shape! In Soxy’s quest around the farm, she asks each animal she meets three questions: “”What is your name?””, “”What kind of animal are you?”” and “”What sound do you make?”

Bluebonnet at the Alamo

by Mary Brooke Casad

Part of the Bluebonnet Adventure Series, see how Bluebonnet the armadillo enjoys his visit to this Texas landmark.