Brianne Dlugosch: Ranching and Running Businesses with Grit and Grace

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This article originally appeared in the Ranch House Journal

By Meg Drake

As the owner of a rodeo production company, area manager and event coordinator for a major Texas steakhouse and part owner of an oilfield services company, Brianne Dlugosch is the type of woman who rarely sits idle. When you add full-time mother to this list, you might begin to question her sanity. However, Brianne is a woman who handles her many roles with grit, grace and dedication.

As a woman involved in male-dominated industries, Brianne has dealt with her fair share of non believers. “So many will tell you it’s not a business for a young woman, but that should just be the fuel to want to do it even more,” she said.

And fuel her it has. In 2012, she and her father founded South Central Cattle Company. What started out as an operation specializing in feeder cattle eventually evolved into a rodeo production company for Brianne.

“I decided to venture out on my own, but kept the same name, South Central Cattle Company,” she said.

Since this decision, she has begun to make a name for herself in the stock contracting and rodeo producing business, which hasn’t always been easy.

“It is definitely intimidating at times,” said Brianne. “Earning people’s respect is the biggest challenge, given I am in a world of primarily men, and older men at that.”

Aside from dealing with existing opinions regarding a woman’s role in the business, supplying stock and producing rodeos also comes with other challenges, such as, ensuring cattle are fresh and healthy.

“We live in Texas, so everyone knows the weather changes like the wind. Sometimes we go months without rain, therefore the grass is scarce causing us to have to feed more consistently which gets very expensive,” said Brianne. “These animals always need the proper nutrients to stay healthy to be able to withstand these rodeos.”

But for her, seeing the joy and excitement contestants display after winning one of their rodeo events, makes the hard work and long hours worth it.

“We are known to give away some of the biggest and best prizes in Texas, so to know you just made someone very happy and made their dream come true is an empowering feeling,” said Brianne.

When she’s not busy running day-to-day activities for South Central Cattle Company, Brianne can be found helping her two brothers run D&B Oilfield Services, serving as Area Manager/Event Coordinator for 5D Steakhouse & Lounge or carrying out duties related to her Event Coordinator position with 5D Ranch.

When asked about the most difficult part of juggling so many roles, she said staying organized often poses the greatest challenge.

“The paperwork load is extreme sometimes, so the key is to stay efficient and organized,” said Brianne.

Between these different jobs however, there is some crossover. Her ability to effectively communicate with public and clientele has been a major plus and a common theme among her different roles.

“I have always dealt hands on with the public in every business I am a part of, so whenever I get put into a position within another business, I already have a lot of experience in that aspect so it is super beneficial,” said Brianne. “I actually have a college degree in communications so that has definitely benefited me throughout my career as well.”

When she’s not working, Brianne can be found spending time with her daughter. She enjoys assisting with and watching her daughter’s involvement in extracurricular activities. Plus, her self-employment allows her to bring her daughter to work with her on occasion.

“A lot of the times she can ride along and be hands on in the businesses with me and learn all the aspects of them,” said Brianne.

In regard to advice she has for young women interested in entering one of the same career paths she has chosen, Brianne offered this suggestion, “if it’s what you really want and dream of, go for it. Don’t let anyone stop you or tell you, you can’t do it.”

When asked about future plans for the various businesses she’s involved in, Brianne hinted that there are many exciting advancements in the works. Her main focus however, continues to be on growth and productivity as it pertains to each job title.