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Caitlyn Ochsner Music is taking the scene by storm! In case you haven’t heard, Caitlyn Ochsner is a “small town girl with a big-time voice.” Furthermore, her family roots and passions led her to where she is today. As most people would say, her heart is found wherever a fiddle and good story meet. Presently, she is studying music at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. As you can see, big things are in store for this Tennessee native. Over the past several years, Caitlyn has developed her skills as singer/songwriter. Recently, Caitlyn released her first EP entitled “Home.” Likewise, she is not just another girl in boots and blue jeans. She has lived and breathed the western way of life. Without a doubt, you can see that in her new EP. For more information, please visit:


A new EP and a new website! Before completing the Caitlyn Ochsner website, RHD also created her logo. Now, the country music star is able to market her upcoming shows, new releases, and contact information with ease. When viewing the website design, you’ll notice we combined warm color tones with a pop of Turquoise for an overall flair. Last but not least, the large photos, call-to-action buttons, and social media icons emphasize the website. 


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