A Cattleman’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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by Nicole Lane

February is the month of “love” but for many cattle producers, it’s also a busy time on the ranch. Odds are, even though Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, you haven’t figured out what to get your special someone, or better yet, you didn’t realize that Valentine’s Day was THIS weekend until you saw this post. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. If you are a cattleman, below are nine sure-fire ways to make this Valentine’s Day great.


1. Get creative


Use baling twine, old horseshoes, feeding time or other odds and ends around the ranch to make a one of a kind gift. Yes, we did just say baling twine (so many uses!). Showing someone you care doesn’t require a fancy gift, an enormous bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates (although sometimes those are nice too!) The more creative your gesture of love, the more it will mean to that special someone. There are unique ways to demonstrate you care even with simple things around the ranch, so find something special! Odds are that many of our readers may be spending Valentine’s Day in a barn, on the road or even at a cattle sale together, but that’s no excuse! Trust us, a girl is not going to say no to roses just because you’re both in the barn.


2. eat beef


Nothing says love like a great steak dinner on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you get dressed up and go into town for a meal at a fancy restaurant, or you pull home-grown beef out of the freezer, a nice sit-down meal (of course featuring the best protein) will be sure to please.


3. Spend quality time together

For many farm families, this busy season can mean less time spent with a significant other or it can mean a LOT of time working together. A real date, where you’ve shaved and showered and she’s put on makeup and you both leave the ranch to spend real time together can be a huge gesture. For others, even some extra time and conversation on the drive to check cattle can mean the world. Stop and watch the sunset, pack a special dinner for calf watch and don’t make her get any of the gates.


4. do her chores

Especially if you’ve got a girl whose love language is acts of service, doing her chores can earn you mega bonus points. It doesn’t matter if its cleaning pens and feeding cattle or washing dishes and wrestling the kids through bath and bedtime, she’ll appreciate that you went out of your way to give her extra time to herself.


5. incorporate the cattle














If your significant other is a cattle girl too, she just might enjoy brand new fitting mats, some Stock Show Sweethearts gear, a new pair of boots or if you really feel like going all out, I know a girl who wouldn’t say no to gift that included a new heifer calf or two *cough *cough.


6. break out the cowboy hat

Make your girl swoon by taking a shower, washing the grease off your hands and breaking out some starched jeans, boots, a cinch shirt and that hat.


7. Stay away from “farm gifts”

A shiny, sparkling, new silver scoop shovel, brand new pliers, duct tape or a new set of coveralls might seem like a good idea when you make your weekly run to the farm supply store. While those gifts are perfectly practical, they may send the wrong message on Valentines Day. Our advice, pick chocolates over farming gear unless she has specified otherwise.


8. Make Valentine’s day special for someone else

My favorite part of Valentine’s Day growing up was that even though my dad always had something special planned for Mom, he never forgot me or my sister. I’m pretty sure I was one of the few girls who got flowers delivered to me in elementary school on Valentine’s Day. A card, a single rose, or even a candy gift can make a little girl feel so loved. So don’t forget the other important ladies in your life; Mom, daughters, nieces or friends. The day doesn’t have to be just a celebration of romantic love, but can be the chance to tell your family how much you love them.

Valentine’s Day may be a dreaded holiday for some, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a great opportunity show those around your appreciation for their assistance when cows are running wild down the road, the sacrifices they make to help the farm run, or how thankful you are to work side by side with them. Go out of your way to make this Valentine’s Day special because at the end of the day, it’s wonderful to have someone who will love you until the cows come home.


9. And the #1 gift that all women want….

Our extensive research shows that the #1 gift that ALL farm and ranch women want this year is…..drumroll….. a simple THANK YOU. It’s no secret that ladies on farms and ranches have a LOT of jobs to do…and yes, sometimes those jobs do go unnoticed. A sincere THANK YOU, matched with a hug, is sure to be a gift that will touch any woman’s heart.
What would you add to our guide? Tell us in the comments!



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