Colombian Couple Has Cattle for Wedding Attendants and It’s Simply Breath-Taking

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When cattle ranching and love for Brahman cattle is one of your life’s passions, it is only fitting that you find a way to incorporate this love into one of the most important days of you life.

In summer 2021, a Colombian bride and groom selected their favorite cattle as part of their wedding attendants. The Brahman females stood as ‘bridesmaids” while the bulls served as “groomsmen.”

And, it was simply breathtaking.

The majestic cattle arrived in the ceremony being led by the trusted herdsman of San Juan Bedouth. Each animal was adorned in heirloom custom leather show halters with the ranch’s name “San Juan de Bedouth” in white hand printed leather.

Gorgeous greenery and floral wrapped each animal’s neck, while the cattle stood next to the bride and groom in a breathtaking ceremony overlooking the mountains of Colombia.

Thank you Hacienda San Juan Bedouth for sharing these photos with us. We this this is the most beautiful wedding we’ve seen all year. To learn more about this ranch, visit or follow them on Instagram at @hdasjbedouth.