Cultivating Excellence: Cari Rincker’s Journey as a Food, Farm, and Family attorney

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Welcome back to The Heartland Hustle podcast, where we spotlight exceptional individuals shaping America’s fabric. This week, we honor Cari Rincker, an esteemed food, farm, and family attorney and founder of Rincker Law, PLLC.

Roots in Agriculture: Cari’s Heartland Upbringing
Raised on a seedstock cattle operation in Shelbyville, Illinois, Cari’s passion for agriculture led her to Texas A&M University, where she excelled as a livestock judger. After earning a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition from the University of Illinois, she pursued her Juris Doctor from Pace University. Transitioning from rural life to legal practice, Cari established Rincker Law, PLLC in New York City. Specializing in food, family, and farm law, she’s become a respected authority in diverse legal domains.

Working Mom: Balancing Parenthood and her Practice
Along with her professional success, Cari’s proudest accomplishment is her children, which she is now raising her children in her home town of Shelbyville. Cari’s contributions extend beyond law. As an author of many legal books (and children’s books) and collaborator with Purdue University on the “Ag Law Today” podcast, she shares her expertise widely. Cari also has an extensive blog database, which she has been updating multiple times a week since 2009! Her upcoming podcast, “The Billable Mom,” highlights the experiences of working mothers in law—a topic close to her heart.

Join us on The Heartland Hustle as we explore Cari’s journey, from heartland beginnings to legal excellence. Gain insights into her professionalism, perseverance, and commitment to excellence. Tune in for a conversation embodying heartland spirit—where integrity, diligence, and achievement converge.