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Dean & Peeler Premium Beef

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Dean & Peeler Premium Beef is an authentic working cattle operation located in the heart of South, Texas. The operation all started with two families who invested together in one singular mission: to create beef for beef connoisseurs. Ever known the struggle of attending your favorite restaurant two nights in a row, where the steak was great one night and just average the next? Dean & Peeler takes pride in creating a consistent, high quality beef product that delivers a great eating experience every single time. To learn more, please visit their new website:


The Dean & Peeler Premium Beef website design is classic professionalism at it’s best! The gray scale color scheme combined with rich textures and neutral accents add a rustic, western feel to the classic design. The animation might be my favorite feature on this website. Take a look as the logo drops down atop the header image, and, as you scroll, images appear further along the page. The logo in the background, moves too! I mean, how cool is that? Links to internal pages create simple, easy to navigate tools for users to learn more information!


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