Doing the Best You Can With What You Have to Work With

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Last week or so, we attended the Brahman “All American” – which is their Junior Nationals. And I took about 235 photos on my phone, but this is my favorite picture from the week: 

No, it’s not our backdrop picture when Mollie won the bred and owned show. 
No, it’s not a pic of when Mollie won the All Around either. 
Not a pic of our family. 
Not a pic with friends. 

If you look real close along the hem of Mollies jeans, you’ll see little glimmers of safety pins. They’re 4 safety pins used as a makeshift way to “hem” up her jeans that were too long.

And as I would describe it, it was a “straight Nana move.” 

Nana, being my grandma. She can do anything. Fix anything. Handle anything. Whether it’s cooking a meal for the family or sorting bulls in the working pens, she can do it. As a young showman myself she was always fixing something up for me. Fixing my number clip. Fixing my hair. Sewing a torn shirt for me. One time she sewed Velcro on the tail of my cousins shirts and into the inside of her blue jeans and Velcro’d them together so her shirt wouldn’t come untucked while she was riding her horses. She served everyone. Always put others ahead of herself. 

So before the All American, remember we hadn’t had a lot of shows this year so I didn’t have any show jeans in mollies current size. I realized this the day before we left. Actually, around 7 pm the night before we left. I overnighted a pair of jeans from South Texas Tack to Texarkana hotel, and found a Cavenders in Texarkana to buy a pair once we arrived. 

Problem is, Mollie is short. And we had no time to get the jeans hemmed. So I thought – “What would Nana do?” 

And it hit me. 

Safety pins. 

So as you can see, we did a tremendous job disguising her overly long pants and it really looks pretty good. As I was on my hands and knees in the dirty bathroom floor at the show “hemming” mollies jeans I just couldn’t help but smile. 

I walked out of the bathroom and called my grandma. Explained to her what happened. 

And she just laughed and said….. 


-Mollie Williams

We went on to win the champion bred and owned that day, it was one of the best days of our life. But forever, I am going to look at Mollies backdrop picture and always look for those pants that are a little long, and that tiny tiny little glimmer of our homemade hem job, and think of my wonderful grandma and her good good advice.

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