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EGE Biodiesel

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The EGE Biodiesel vision to collect and produce the fuel needed to operate their personal farm equipment has turned into the ability to produce fuel for other farmers, trucking companies, and America. The dedicated team of experts works hard to help others and is always thinking of ways to improve their business processes. From disposing of used cooking oil, to the production of high quality, low cost domestic biodiesel, EGE Biodiesel has got you covered. Check out their new website to learn more:


The EGE Biodiesel website design is professional – and fun! Yes, you can be both and so can your website! The fun color scheme plays off of the company logo, while brightening the website design. The overall design is simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Who said you had to have a large website to meet a need? Ranch House can create a site of any size – with a budget of any kind! My favorite feature here? When viewing on mobile, you can actually call EGE by clicking the phone number link on the Home page.


Research shows that 95% of potential clients will google your product or service before doing business with you. 80% of those potential customers will look elsewhere if you don’t have a website. By having a website to showcase your business or product, you legitimize your company and you position your brand in front of a much wider audience. At Ranch House, we work with clients involved in many different industries. We work with you to develop a web design strategy that fits your unique needs and budget. Want a free website quote? Visit here.