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Elgin Breeding Service is a true pioneer of the global semen industry. Furthermore, after its establishment in 1954, EBS has led the way in establishing Custom Semen collection in the United States. Today, EBS continues to set the standard and remains committed to service and quality. Likewise, EBS offers storage and shipping, along with an experienced and qualified semen export staff. As a result, it is easy to see why people trust the industry leading experts. View their new website here,


The Elgin Breeding Service website design is incredible! For starters, it is highly organized, professional, and top-notch. When viewing the website for the first time, a customized header photo, call-to-action buttons, and headline text all catch your eye. Last but not least, the mobile-friendly website allows customers to view forms, services, semen for sale, and more. Let our team at Ranch House create something special for you! 


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