Everyone has a unique story. What’s yours?

Rachel CutrerRHD Blog

One of my favorite things I get to do at CEO of Ranch House is talk with prospective clients. Usually, I have anywhere from 3 to 5 calls a day with new customers who are taking the first step in building their brand, getting started in their business, or ready to rev up their marketing.

And, I love these calls, because each one is different. Here are a few from the last week or so….

• A new Brangus cattle breeder who just bought 28 head of Brangus cattle in partnership with his brother, and is needing to get started. Their grandparents raised cattle, and he and his brother are both in business (one owns an aviation company in Las Vegas) and they’re ready to take the next step in promoting their cattle business.

• A multi-generation quarter horse operation in the northern US, who built a website back in 2001, and hasn’t updated it since. They are wanting to get a re-fresh on a new website, and possibly their logo, but also want to honor the older logo design that the previous generations created.

• A freezer beef company in Oklahoma needing a new website from scratch. They’ve been in business a few years, but have really seen a big increase in their business in the last year.

• A club calf breeder in Oklahoma who hasn’t updated his old website since 2011 (9 years!) and needs a refresh. His two daughters (in junior high) have been on him to make an update and they’re willing to help him with it.

• A university wanting to do a virtual workshop.

• A horse breed association needing a website overhaul.

• A NCBA Top 100 seedstock producer ready to plan for fall advertising.

A lot of times, these calls become a “get to know you” or “business advice” type call, because the more we can learn about a potential client’s business or situation, the better. It helps us determine your objectives, your goals, your family history, and what matters to your business. Because just like no two websites or logos are alike, no two businesses are alike. And Ranch House is here to help you every step of the way.

So are you ready to setup your call? I want to know YOUR story! I want to know what your business has coming down the pipeline in 2020, and what marketing goals you want to achieve in the next few months. If you’ve been thinking about doing a new website with us, or a new logo, or any questions about having Ranch House taken on your company’s marketing in 2020 – I’m ready and looking forward to talking to you.