For the Kids… Directed at the Parents

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By: Colby Cummings 

I see things sometimes from a different aspect than maybe some other people do. 

For as long as I have been involved in this industry there are some aspects that I still don’t understand and/or wonder if others see it the same as I do. 

I get to see this industry from a different aspect than some do from someone who sells cattle along with being a parent to a young up and coming exhibitor. 

I’ve always been a people watcher, because lets face it, it’s cheap entertainment and you fill in the blanks with what you think is going on so therefore you get a mini Jerry Springer show for your own personal entertainment. All the things we do we see it as something for the future of our child and what his program will be built on. I know there are some who strictly view it as a project, others as a long term investment.

 Parents, yes YOU, this is for you.. but your kids will benefit from it.

If you smile or are offended by what the following says it means I struck a nerve and for either way you feel, you’re welcome. 

The stockshow industry is an experience like no other. 

So I have to ask, what draws you to who you do business with? 
How do you go about it? 
Is it a year long research project following sale babies to see the accomplishments? 
To see how the kids interact with the operation owners/ employees?
Do you go after the operation that is strictly based off the winners or how your kids fit in? 

Until further notice we are one of the few places that doesn’t give participation trophies. (If this offended you never meet me in person) 

Could it be a possibility of all the above? 
The chemistry of owners/services offered and how they interact with their families and what they can accomplish together? 

Or is it just you found a calf you wanted fell in love with, and by damn that’s where we are getting it.  Any of these are suitable, I just want you to start asking yourself the questions. Are you maximizing the investment with the results your kid is getting. Let’s face it, the animal is the vehicle, the kid is the return on investment. 

The next round of questions I want to ask is gonna hit a nerve, but it is what it is: 
When you see groups traveling together, what draws you to these people? 

Some need to be the cool kid in the group in the most successful, but when no one in your circle wants to get better or do better and rely on those who don’t know how to succeed you truly are setting your kid up for failure. 

Who wants to be average/mediocre? 
Why work so hard and not try to surround yourself with those who will help your family succeed? 

This is what I think: 
I think it’s because of you guys would rather be the big fish in a little pond and stay the course rather than brave the storm. You’re scared to become better because your kid might not be the best in that group, which entails more work or a different approach. 

By doing this you are holding your kid back from untapped success. Find those people who challenge you, push you and not scared to call you out because they want you to be better. 

 Something else to ponder, some operations are constantly successful and end up  getting cussed by the sore losers.

Don’t become those people. You have no idea the sacrifice some have given for this industry. 

There is also a lot of jealousy that needs to be addressed as well. DON’T BE THOSE PEOPLE!! 

As the great Willy Couch says, Winners Win. 

Obviously you can’t argue with that statement nor do you argue with Willy. I want you to sit down with those people who are deemed “the bad guys” and figure out:
-Is it lies you’ve been told about them….
-Is it an entire group of people who are jealous….
-Or is it true? 

All of the above can be the answer, but if it’s not the answer, then I want you to go find a group of friends or circle to be involved in and I’ll explain it very easily.

If all they can do is talk badly about the people who are winning, that means they don’t know how to win, and you need to find new people that do. 

Don’t associate with pathological liars who make up lies just to keep you around as a customer. 

It’s ok to be challenged, I promise your kid will benefit from it. From a sports perspective, if there is a kid who is above and beyond on a team and the team isn’t winning… Usually they find their way to a new team. It’s all about how bad YOU want it. 

Parents, I’m simply asking you to think about the decisions you are making. THINK! 

You want your kid to be successful – who doesn’t? 

If there are people who can make you better, do it. 

Find those who can accomplish YOUR goals.

If your circle doesn’t believe in your goals, find a new circle. You might not be the top dog in it but I can promise those who want you to succeed will help you. 

If an operation has been doing this for a long time yet there is no consistent success, don’t be shocked when you really don’t have any. 

Believe it or not, there are a bunch of snake oil salesmen in this business. Figure out who those are, because those years you are not finding the ones to help you achieve, your child is losing time and experience. 

We as parents only have a few years in this with our kids, make the most of it. I’ve seen so many families over the years just keep going back to the same group or go to the same type of people with the same results (also the definition of insanity, sorta). 

Hey Mom and Dad, there’s one more thing I think we need to address in this for you guys to think about: Check your ego. 

Seriously, check it like luggage flies free at Southwest. 

I have seen so many kids careers ripped from them because their parents, yes you, doesn’t want to admit you don’t have a firm grasp on what’s going on or that you need to improve in certain areas. 

You constantly surround yourself around those that you feel above because then you are finally the cool kid. I think its an issue you can walk through with a therapist, I’ve got some numbers in case you want to go talk. 

Maybe it’s because you are in a field you are respected or in charge and you can’t differentiate that because you are successful in one you need help in others. Also, a form or narcissism just in case you were wondering the professional term for that. You would rather butcher the career of your kid and take away from the experience because you don’t want to hear the phrase “you’re wrong”.  The kid suffers from it because you won’t/can’t admit you need the help. Its easier for you to find an excuse way out rather than do what you need to do so your kid can succeed and as far as I’m concerned if you do that, your kid should be able to choose the bad nursing home to send you to. Seriously, punishment fits the crime in this incident. 

 I close with this: parents find the chemistry that gives you the most. 
The experience where your kid gains the most and enjoys their time. 
The memories of seeing your kid succeed is a lot better than regretting not making the changes needed to achieve what you and your family want. 

Make the changes that reward your kid, and the ride will be much more enjoyable. 

“Buy the ticket, take the ride.” Hunter Thompson