Foxcroft Veterinary Services site goes live

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Our website services are always improving and changing. The addition of the “advanced” website is changing the way people see the Internet. One of the newest sites we launched was for the Foxcroft Vet Services in Maine. They are a team made of of five vets, one licensed vet tech, six animal health care assistants and seven support team members.

The doors to this office opened in 2001 as a full service mixed veterinary practice. They have a long history, starting on April Fool’s day of 1956 and continues today in the practice that is is now. They opened a new and more advanced location in 2008 to better serve their clients.

These doctors are working six days a week in the clinic and even offer 24-hour emergency service. They cover small and large animals as well as the use of their pharmacy to offer one more way to easily protect your pets.

On this advanced site, you can take a tour of their facility, get helpful pet owning resources, meet the team members, see what they offer for each type of animal and even get guidelines for their boarding program. Not only that, but they have a pay online option, which is becoming a staple of business.

Visit them online, anytime at

These doctors know that animals play a huge roll in the day-to-day lives of many people all around. They focus on pet health and helping the owner get to the bottom of any problem or simply keep their pets lives rolling along.

You can also find them on Facebook!