Garland Gehrke Trucking

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The family-centric trucking company Garland Gehrke Trucking started in 1962, but never had a website until now! Check out the new site! It was a privilege to work with this great company that boasts a great working environment for its drivers. Based in Illinois, Garland Gehrke Trucking hauls general commodities locally and throughout the 48 contiguous states. Drivers are company employees and operate company-owned, top-of-the-line trucks. With decades of experience and safe driving, Garland Gehrke understands the trucking business and is a reliable, trustworthy choice for your hauling needs.


Garland Gehrke Trucking came to us needing a website that fulfilled its goal — present the company as a long-standing, reputable business unmatched in transportation service. Like a lot of companies without a website, the owner at Garland Gehrke said the company needed a way to reach out to potential employees who, when searching for the company on Google, would find out Garland Gehrke was a great business to work for with a solid reputation.

The design for this site is a really fun, simple and effective one. A unique feature is the header photo of Garland Gehrke’s old fleet of rigs from the 1970s that fades into a photo of today’s trucks, really emphasizing the longevity of the company. The overall look is modern and bold with a black, orange and white color palette. Also, two online forms allow potential drivers and customers to fill in and request information. The website nicely presents the company’s history and current philosophy.


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