Go-To Recipes For Stock Shows

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Feeding your family and crew at a stock show can be an expensive and time consuming task. Recently, the Stock Show Moms group was asked for ideas on meals that can easily be prepared at shows. Many families team up with others to take turns feeding the kids on different days. A popular choice for meal prep is the use of a slow cooker. Use slow cookers of various sizes depending on the number of people you’re feeding. You should utilize crockpot bags for easier cleanup – also food can be prepped before the show, stored in the bags and frozen until its time to throw in in the cooker!

Here are some popular ideas for slow cooker meals at stock shows –

Snacks and Breakfast Ideas –

  • Snacks
    • cookies
    • zucchini slices
    • applesauce
    • graham crackers
    • cheese sticks
    • mini carrots
    • apples
  • Breakfast
    • fresh fruit
    • donuts & milk for mornings
    • protein bars
    • scrambled eggs and ham/sausage wraps with salsa & cheese or hashbrowns
    • fruit + vanilla yogurt = breakfast
    • egg and bacon rolls
    • sausage patties/links breakfast
    • egg sandwich breakfast

Other Meals – Non-Slow Cooker

  • lunchmeat sandwiches
  • pasta salad
  • mason jar salads
  • snack wraps – ham, lettuce, cheese & ranch
  • roast beef & swiss sandwiches
  • fried chicken (prepared at home before show)
  • chicken & dumpling casserole
  • burgers
  • pigs in a blanket
  • Frito Chili Pie
  • grilled cheese or ham & cheese sandwiches

Instead of packing full size water bottles and soda cans, purchase the small size to reduce waste. Half full beverages left around the tack space can get very frustrating!

What are your favorite meals to make at stock shows? Let us know in the comments!


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