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Golden Flo is the liquid energy that excels in performance! Point blank, this high-quality supplement is one you need to have. When having a perfect blend of nutrients for your livestock, equine, and companion animals, they tend to perform efficiently. Furthermore, a good balanced feed ratio is the foundation of any animal’s ability to express their genetics to its greatest potential. Likewise, when added to feed, it improves palpability, appetite, weight gain, and more. Read more about it here,


We are dripping in Gold! The Golden Flo website design is fun, unique, and exciting. When it comes to choosing a favorite aspect of the website, we just can’t decide. But, we love the color-scheme, black and white photos, textured backgrounds, and call-to-action images. Additionally, this website was a Package B Re-design project. Now, the platform is mobile-friendly, can be viewed on any device, and it easy to navigate. An added bonus, the “Share Your Results” section on the home page allows clients to become interactive.  


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