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Great Horizon Ranch

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Great Horizon Ranch offers South Texas hunting adventures! Even more so, this 13,000 acre ranch is located in LaSalle County, in the famous Golden Triangle of South Texas. In addition, free range wildlife travel along 6.5 miles of boundary along the famed Nueces River and are some of the best deer and game habitat in the state. Not to mention, excellent dove, turkey and duck hunting opportunities are available. Likewise, free range whitetails, feral hogs, bobcats, mountain lions, alligators, axis deer and wild elk inhabit the ranch. As you can see, the opportunities are endless. The ranching staff invites you to come experience it for yourself. For more information, visit their new website:


The Great Horizon Ranch website design is one of our favorites for 2019! Besides their website design, Ranch House also had the privilege of creating their logo from scratch. Now, the ranch is able to market their rates and information, habitat, lodging and photos. With warm tones, textured backgrounds, and call-to-action buttons, the website is an eye-catcher! 


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