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Hillside Pastures

Kerbe FordWebsite Design Features

Hillside Pastures is a small, grass-fed Red Devon cattle operation in Wisconsin. Linda and Daniel Marquardt own and operate the farm and focus on the production of high-quality purebred Red Devon seedstock. The operation pays close attention to their cattle and continually work to improve their genetic quality and overall functionality. With a strict Farm Practices regimen that focuses on breeding strategy, forage grazing, and bull selection, Hillside Pastures takes pride in the overall low-stress environment of the farm. They even sell summer sausage and ground beef! To learn more about Hillside Pastures, please visit:


The Hillside Pastures website design catches the eye of any visitor! The design is simple, clean, and professional. Easy navigation was key in creating this design. Keeping large websites organized is important to maintain user friendliness – an important aspect of the Hillside operation. The light, neutral background makes text easy to read and allows photos to stand out throughout the interior pages. Another cool feature of the Hillside Pastures website is a Blog page allowing visitors to keep up with the day-to-day operations, upcoming news and events on the farm!


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