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Homeland Farms is a family-owned operation located in Moro, Illinois. The Dorsey Family has farmed in Madison County, Illinois, officially since 1835. Furthermore, Homeland Farms is as traditional as it comes. The operation raises row crops, registered Simmental and Sim-Angus cattle, and the next generation. Likewise, Homeland Farms is very diversified. Delicious freezer beef is available throughout the year and is some of the best around. Above all, the Dorsey family takes pride in offering a quality local product that is nutritious and delicious. For more information, please visit:


The Homeland Farms website design is beautiful and sophisticated. To illustrate, modern features are enhanced throughout the website, giving it a professional look. Warm toned colors compliment one another and tie in the company’s logo perfectly! Ranch House also designed the Homeland Farms logo from scratch. In addition, the website includes key information customers need. Clients can even order freezer beef directly off the website. How convenient is that!


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