Hornung Red Angus

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Hornung Red Angus is a family owned Red Angus operation, located in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. They provide excellent Red Angus cattle to a wide range of people, from the commercial cattlemen, to someone looking for a competitive show heifer.

About the Project

We worked with Alisa Hornung to develop the new logo design and website for Hornung Red Angus. For the logo, they wanted a custom outline of a Red Angus cow with the initials HRA. We used a modern font set with metal detailing to give the logo a modern look.

They wanted a website design that was modern and simple, with a grey and burgundy color palette, and western accents. We used a wood texture, with metal and stitched textures to convey the modern western look. We also implemented a scenic background to give the website a wide and open feel. Alisa wanted a website that showcased their program, and was easy to maintain. The Package A website with 4 pages was a great choice to meet their needs. View the full website design by going to http://hornungredangus.com/.Hornung Red Angus Website Design by Ranch House Designs




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