How (NOT) to Pack for Summer Show Season

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Originally, I sat down to write this blog I intending to share tips on packing for summer show season—Junior Nationals, state shows, Pork Expos, alike. I planned on talking about the best ways to park the important stuff like your showbox, the trailer, the truck.

However, I sat down to write with a calendar staring back at me that includes more days on the road for shows than at home this summer, I realized there is a much more pressing packing issue then the showbox, trailer or truck—it’s MY suitcase!

Here is what packing at my house looks like before a summer on the road.

Step 1

Take every pair of jeans you own to the dry cleaners! Even the ones you haven’t worn in years, just in case, because you just never know!

Step 2

Pull out all your nicest, summer appropriate things. It is very possible you may only see these people one time a year, at this show, so you must look your best.

Step 3

Realize that your garment bag is now busting at the seams and your closet is empty so you better start on your suitcase. This includes 3 swimsuits, 4 pair of shoes, you know, the essentials!

Step 4

Convince yourself that you have everything you need and try to lift your luggage into the truck.


Then you get to the show. You wear none of the jeans you packed, because…

It’s 20 degrees hotter than you anticipated so you exhaust the t-shirts you packed by day two and have to make a Target run for some v-necks. Only one pair of the shoes you packed gets worn because the rest are uncomfortable; and you wear none of the swimsuits shoved into the crevices of your suitcase because honestly, you’re exhausted every night by the time you make it back to the hotel!

So basically, everything in your 80-pound suitcase is a fail. The funny thing is..

Every year we tell ourselves “oh this year will be different” so we pack this way again. And, it never fails—every year we have a suitcase fail.

So, my advice after years of showing and attending shows for work and pleasure, is…

When packing for summer show season: keep it comfortable, simple and when you don’t follow this advice (which I’m sure I won’t) good luck!


Editor’s Note: This post was written by Ranch House Designs Account Manager, Ashley Fitzsimmons. 


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