Introducing Our Mini Retainers

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By Rachel Cutrer

You’ve probably heard of us talking about our retainer clients. These are the clients that RHD handles everything for.

Yes, we have retainer clients that spend 6 figures with us. We do everything from television shows to email blasts to making their t-shirts and sometimes even doing their mailouts. So you might be thinking, that’s way out of my league….I can’t afford that. I don’t need that.

There’s one big thing I want everyone to remember about Ranch House.

I started Ranch House to work with every day ranchers and ag businesses like my family.

My family is not going to spend $100k on marketing. We are ranchers. We have trouble paying our feed bill sometimes. We just don’t have a big budget.

But….I do have $200/month in my budget.
I do have a certain level that I’m comfortable with investing in my marketing if I know it will get me results.

That’s why we created our “mini-retainers”.

Our mini-retainers are completely tailored to each individual, and start at just $1000. The way it works is you choose the marketing amount you are comfortable with, and then turn it over to us. We’ll do the best possible job we can within your budget. Our full team goes to work for you and achieves as much as we possibly can within your budget.

So what exactly would a mini-retainer look like? Here are a few examples:

A $2500 mini-retainer….

You may have just noticed our V8 Ranch bull sale, which I am responsible for promoting. Each sale for the last 4 years we have increased our sale average by $1500 a head. I have a precise strategy and I know what works. I use print media, social media, email blasts, and more.

A $2500 mini-retainer would look something like this:

    • 6 print ads
    • 2-4 email blasts
    • Facebook management for several months
    • Strategy and advice from our marketing team
    • Plus extra time/hours to use however you need!

Mini-retainers can start at $1000 and up, and can be “re-filled” in increments of $1000 as needed. If you are needing a sale promotion package, or seasonal marketing during key times of the year, these options are great to consider. We maintain detailed time-tracking and report how every minute of your budget is spent.

Bachman Cattle Farms is a top Red Angus seedstock operation that is in our retainer division. We have proudly handled their marketing for over a year. In that year, we have had the joy of being a right-hand-man to this amazing family and program. We help them with whatever they need, and in that year here is a list of items we have created:

    • Developed a new website for them, and maintained it for the year
    • Developed sire promotional materials for their top bull, Mighty Mo
    • Assisted with sale promotion timelines for 2 major sales in the year
    • Developed trade show booth materials
    • Designed a cohesive, consistent look for their print ads and all marketing materials
    • Distributed more than 10 email blasts in the year
    • Conduct a monthly call (and often more frequency calls) to bounce around ideas, develop strategy, and make game plans for upcoming events
    • Our full team at RHD works on this account including me, Paul, Ashley, Kristen (their dedicate designer), Leighton (our social strategist) and more.
    • And much more… are a few examples of projects we have completed.

Would a mini-retainer or a full retainer be a good fit for you? If you fit any of these criteria, I think it would:

    • You have an annual sale, or an online sale that is very important for your cash flow for the year.
    • You have a very important animal you need to promote (like an AI sire).
    • You have an important seasonal sale season and that season helps support your business year round (like hay sales in the winter, or selling hunts during deer season).
    • You’re starting a new business and need brand development.
    • You have a great business but you need more people to know about you.

Or, maybe it’s just that you know, hey…I’m not a professional marketer. I just want to turn my marketing over to Ranch House and let them handle it. That’s exactly how RHD came to be. When I was in college I knew my dad and grandpa had great cattle — but I also knew we needed more people to know about us. So, that was my job – promote V8 Ranch and get more people to find us.

2019 is the year. Let’s make it happen for you.

Step one is talking about your goals, your timeline, and setting a budget that makes sense for you. You can learn more about our marketing retainers here.

Or, the best plan is to setup a phone call with our chief marketing officer or myself.

Book a call with Ashley…

Book a call with me to talk about a mini-retainer…..

I look forward to hearing from you to talk about if we can team up to really make your business (and cash flow) increase in 2019!