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Jendrusch Livestock is a small, family based, hands on cattle and goat operation. Located in Falls City, Texas, Jendrusch Livestock has been in business for over 15 years! Likewise, the reputation and admiration of Jendrusch Livestock is something to be proud of. In addition, the Jendrusch family come from an extensive agriculture background and have used their knowledge to build a legacy. Furthermore, one of the greatest features about the Jendrusch herd is quality genetics. Owner, Conner Jendrusch, explained it best when he said “Quality genetics means quality livestock and that is exactly what we want in our herd.” Jendrusch Livestock offers many breeds in the show cattle industry. For more information, please visit:


The Jendrusch Livestock website design is modern, professional, and above all, 100% mobile responsive. First, you’ll find yourself greeted with large header photos while a wooden textured background adds a rustic feel to the page. The Jendrusch Livestock website is easily navigated via a sticky navigation bar. Also, the warm color scheme perfectly compliments the company’s logo and additional photos. An added bonus, the website is 100% mobile responsive!


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