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Located in Aberdeen, North Carolina, JK Red Angus is one of a kind! When it comes to their operation, one of their key focuses is doing things the right way. Furthermore, their main objective is to create top-end Red Angus and Charolais by combining phenotype and genetics. Likewise, through careful selection of A1 and embryo programs, their cattle stand out in the herd and show ring. But, it doesn’t stop there. The operation also hosts private treaty and online sales, provides high- quality freezer beef, and produces better beef more quickly. To learn more, visit their new website,


Like their motto states, ” We don’t do things the easy way, we do them the right way” their website design follows. To better enhance their marketing, JK Red Angus chose our Package A website. As you can see, we created an efficient and professional website for their operation. When viewing it, the custom header, call-to-action buttons, and sticky menu all catch your eye. Additionally, we included social media icons, contact information, and company logo on every page. Check it out for yourself! 


At Ranch House we know and understand ranch life. Regardless of the size of your cattle operation or agribusiness, Ranch House will work with you to ensure that we develop a plan that fits both your budget and goals. Plus, many of our employees come from agricultural backgrounds, so you can feel comfortable working with an account representative that understands your business. Visit our get started page and book a free website consultation and quote.