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Back in 2009, Brad and Tyler Johnson formally began Johnson Bros. Land & Livestock, striving to bring some of the best beef genetics to the midwest. Between their parents agriculture experience, as well as the brothers’ experiences in 4-H and FFA, these brothers have a firm grasp on understanding what cattle producers are looking for, both in the show ring and in the pasture.

Johnson Coy Genetics was founded in 2014, after Tyler Johnson and Abby Coy began dating. However, prior to this merger, Abby’s parents raised purebred Hampshire and crossbred pigs for over 40 years. Today, this operation aims to produce exceptional seedstock and show hogs.


With two awesome family business like Johnson Coy Genetics and Johnson Bros. Land & Livestock, you need an awesome landing page for both! This website features a unique landing page, which allows viewers to visit either Johnson Coy Genetics or Johnson Bros. Land & Livestock. Once you enter the websites, similar fonts, colors and designs are found on both. Both sites feature pictures and information about the stellar females used in their herd, livestock for sale and previous winners. Johnson Coy Genetics is on Facebook, too! Give them a like today.


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